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GlassWire Free Firewall

GlassWire Free Firewall 2.1.152

下載 GlassWire免費防火牆
SecureMix LLC - 33.94MB (免費軟件)
GlassWire protects your computer from threats by providing you with visualized data about your network activity. GlassWire notifies you about suspicious hosts, ARP spoofing attacks ...

Hidden Disk

Hidden Disk 4.14

下載 隱藏的磁盤
Mathew Limdonholk - 2.40MB (免費軟件)
There are many ways to store your data securely on your PC, and numerous applications designed to aid you in this endeavor. However, complex tools tend not to be very user-friend ...


HitmanPro.Alert 3.7.3 Build 729

下載 HitmanPro.Alert
SurfRight - 4.25MB (試商用)
HitmanPro.Alert blocks the core techniques and exploits malware uses to hide from antivirus software. It also detects intruders like banking malware,

HP DigitalPersona Fingerprint Reader Software

HP DigitalPersona Fingerprint Reader Software

下載 HP DigitalPersona Fingerprint Reader Software
Hewlett Packard - 49.69MB (免費軟件)
HP’s DigitalPersona Fingerprint Reader Software provides an enhanced data protection layer to your system, using biometrics rather than generic passwords alone. Digi ...

Icecream Password Manager

Icecream Password Manager 1.16

下載 冰淇淋密碼管理器
icecream apps - 12.72MB (免費軟件)
Icecream Password Manager is a free app that can manage your passwords, credit cards, identities, software licenses, secure notes, driver licenses, passports, bank account and FT ...

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security

下載 卡巴斯基互聯網安全套裝
Kaspersky - 2.23MB (試商用)
卡巴斯基互聯網安全套裝2014可以保護你免受網絡釣魚和惡意軟件的網站,試圖竊取你的數據。 卡巴斯基安全網絡必須允許時,發現未知的威脅您的電腦報告的能力。2.5億卡巴斯基用戶受益於該系統。 該應用程序為您提供安全,免受病毒和間諜軟件的實時保護。 卡巴斯基互聯網安全套裝的主要功能包括: < ...

Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager

下載 卡巴斯基的密碼管理器
Kaspersky - 8.48MB (試商用)
Kaspersky Password Manager is able to securely store your passwords, addresses & banking details, and can then synchronize them across your various devices, whether that be P ...


KeePass 1.37

下載 KeePass的
KeePass - 1.89MB (開源)
KeePass是一個免費的開源的密碼管理器,它可以幫助您管理以安全的方式你的密碼。你可以把你所有的密碼保存在一個數據庫中,這是鎖定一個主密鑰或密鑰文件。所以,你只需要記住一個單一的主密碼,或選擇解除鎖定整個數據庫的密鑰文件。該數據庫是使用目前已知的最好的和最安全的加密算法(AES和Twofish算法)加密。 KeePass是真正自由的,並 ...


KeyDepot 2019.6.2

下載 KeyDepot
Abelssoft - 32.64MB (試商用)
KeyDepot is a user-friendly and intuitive password solution that provides you with a robust way of storing all of your login keys, in a single, password-protected environment, loca ...

KeyScrambler Personal

KeyScrambler Personal

下載 KeyScrambler個人
QFX Software - 1.53MB (免費軟件)
KeyScrambler Personal is a security application for your web browser that protects everything you type from key-loggers. It supports 40+ popular browsers, including Edge, IE, Fir ...



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