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خرید رم جی اسکیل دی دی آر فور
G.SKILL - DDR4 - Ripjaws 4 series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 2400

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G.SKILL - DDR4 - Ripjaws 4 series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 2400

رم جی اسکیل دی دی آر فور G.SKILL - DDR4 - Ripjaws 4 series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 2400
وضعيت موجودي: موجود است
كد محصول: 3784
نام محصول: رم جی اسکیل دی دی آر فور
G.SKILL - DDR4 - Ripjaws 4 series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 2400
دسته: DDR4
تاريخ آغاز فروش: 2016-04-05
تاريخ بروزرسانی:2016-10-13
با توجه به نوسانات بازار برای آگاهی از آخرین قیمتها لطفا تماس بگیرید
قيمت خرید تکی: 325000 تومان (3,250,000 ریال) 355000 2000
قيمت خرید تعداد: 325000 تومان (با توجه به تعداد خرید محاسبه می شود)
تعداد :
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توضيحات : رم جی اسکیل دی دی آر فور
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G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 Series 16GB (4 x 4GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2400 (PC4 19200) Memory Kit Model F4-2400C14Q-16GRK

The Ultimate DDR4 Memory Kit – for Today and the Future.

Whether you are a PC performance seeker or an overclocker, the G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 F4-2400C14Q-16GRK memory kit is a great choice. It is validated for compatibility with most X99 motherboards under a series of rigorous tests in quad-channel memory operations. It delivers a super-fast speed and low latency to address your daily needs in work and entertainment, while the support for Intel XMP 2.0 makes overclocking a breeze. Moreover, it works at an ultra-low voltage of 1.2V, and comes with a stylish heat spreader for impressive heat dissipation.

detailed view and application

  • newegg Super-fast Transfer Speed Whether you are processing large amounts of data or playing data-intensive hot titles, the F4-2400C14Q-16GRK memory kit offers lag-free response. It is rated at 2400MHz to deliver up to 19.2GBps bandwidth per channel. You can enjoy a faster computing experience for gaming, video & image editing, rendering, or other professional applications.
  • newegg Extreme Performance Just set and go. Programmed with the latest Intel XMP 2.0 profiles, the only thing between you and extreme performance is a simple setting.
  • newegg Outstanding cooling design – without compromising style Confidently knowing your system is a combination of beauty and brawn, the Ripjaws 4’s new dashingly sleek heatspreader keeps your system cool and well cooled. Looks isn’t everything, but your rig should look great and perform great at the same time. The Ripjaws 4 has a module height of 40mm – the same height as previous Ripjaws family modules, and will be compatible with most CPU heatsinks.
  • newegg More power efficient. Less heat. Meticulously designed to operate at a low voltage of 1.2V, this memory kit consumes less power and generates less heat, enhancing system stability.
  • newegg Great compatibility The F4-2400C14Q-16GRK memory kit is specifically designed to complement quad-channel capable systems, and is compatible with most Intel X99 platforms. It’s guaranteed to provide the best-in-class performance, compatibility, and stability with the widest range of X99 motherboards.

Learn more about the G.SKILL F4-2400


Ripjaws 4 Series


16GB (2 x 8GB)
288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM
DDR4 2400 (PC4 19200)
Cas Latency
Extreme performance DDR4 memory designed for gaming and PC enthusiasts
Optimized compatibility with Intel X99 system
Stylish aluminum heat spreader design to keep the memory cool
1.2V ultra low voltage
Intel XMP 2.0 Support
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