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ダウンロード AVGアンチウイルス無料日間の試用

ダウンロード AVGアンチウイルス無料日間の試用

AVG AntiVirus FREE 19.1.3075

日付: 2019/01/25 By AVG Technologies (フリーウェア - Freeware)
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説明 - Description
テクニカル - Technical

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ダウンロード AVGアンチウイルス無料日間の試用

AVG AntiVirus 2016 is once again a contender for the top spot in the best antivirus race. It is powerful, has stacks of features, and has a friendly, feature packed interface.

This version of AVG AntiVirus 2016 is a 30 Trial of AVG’s premium app and will provide you with the essential tools which will protect your computer against viruses, worms, trojans, root-kits, and other spyware when browsing online or checking your email.

AVG's scanning engine is both quick and powerful, and updates are undertaken daily to keep you bang up to date. The scanning speed has been reduced due to a priority system, which optimizes resource consumption. You can also schedule virus scans and choose what areas of your system you need to analyze. You also have the option to run separate scans to identify any root-kits. Data Safe is another great tool that lets you encrypt and password protect any file on your system. This is a great security feature and should not be underestimated.

AVG AntiVirus 2016 has a button styled interface and is user friendly, which is great for novice users. If, however, you are more experienced you may want to configure the advanced features of the app. In the main window you have four large buttons that represent the major protection areas: Computer, Web, Identity, and Email*. These are color-coded; a green circle indicates all is well. If it isn't green then you need to check out that area. The circles can also be partially coloured, which means that it can be optimized in some way (simply click on the area to optimize it).

Overall, AVG AntiVirus 2016 gives you strong protection against online threats. Once again resource consumption is low and the scanning speed is high. The user interface is really easy to navigate, with the coloured circle system that indicates a potential security issue you can’t go wrong. The only downside to AVG AntiVirus 2016 is the installation does take an age!

*There is an option of Advanced Firewall protection available in AVG Internet security 2016.

テクニカル - Technical
AVG AntiVirus FREE 19.1.3075
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Windows (All Versions)
多言語 - Multiple languagesAVG AntiVirus FREE 19.1.3075
フリーウェア - Freeware
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AVG Technologies


2019/05/14 - NSIS 3.05
2019/05/13 - iTunes (32bit)
2019/05/13 - iTunes (64-bit)
2019/05/13 - Mozilla Firefox 67.0 Beta 19 64-bit
2019/05/13 - Firefox 67.0 Beta 19 32-bit
2019/05/13 - KMPlayer
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